What are the advantages of children’s toothbrush made of silicone?

  1. Massage the gums with a silicone baby toothbrush


Massaging the gums is an indispensable part of daily oral care. The bristle scraper of the silicone toothbrush has good softness, low wear, strong adsorption, does not hurt the gums, and has no thorns, pain, etc. At the same time, it can comfortably massage the gums. Massaging the gums can thicken the epithelial keratinization of the gums, enhance the self-protection of the gums, make them less susceptible to rough and hard food damage, help resist the invasion of foreign microorganisms, improve the blood circulation of the gums, and strengthen the gum tissue The nutrition and oxygen supply of the gingival tissue make the metabolism of the gum tissue more vigorous, which plays an important role in the stability of the teeth. Especially for patients with periodontal atrophy, massage the gums to prevent the aggravation of periodontal atrophy, which is beneficial to the stability of the teeth.


  1. Application of silicone toothbrush in prevention of periodontal disease


Bleeding gums, receding gums, and periodontitis are the most common periodontal diseases. When there is periodontal disease, the gums will swell, a large number of new blood vessels in the gums will congest and expand, and the permeability will increase. Once stimulated by brushing or chewing, the symptoms will aggravate and the gums will bleed. People with periodontal diseases can also use it. Silicone toothbrush The cross-section of the bristles is large, the tip of the bristles is arc-shaped, the bristles are relatively soft and elastic, and can be bent freely when brushing teeth, which will not cause secondary damage to the gums and can achieve the effect of normal oral care and cleaning.


  1. Silicone toothbrush removes dental plaque


Brushing teeth is the most effective, most accepted and mastered method to remove plaque, prevent and control periodontal disease. Once a day in the morning and once in the evening. When brushing your teeth, you should especially brush the junction between the gums and the teeth and the parts where plaque is easy to adhere to between the two teeth. Plaque is an important factor causing dental caries and periodontal disease. Dental caries and periodontal disease are also called dental plaque disease. The most reliable way to control plaque is to use toothbrush and other auxiliary tools to remove it mechanically. Silicone toothbrush has high efficiency in scrubbing and decontamination. The experimental results show that the rate of plaque removal of silicone toothbrush is remarkable. The plaque removal rate of the silicone toothbrush meets the design requirements and can play a role in oral health care. The plaque removal rate is affected by many factors. The length of brushing time, the use of auxiliary agents such as toothpaste, the difference between the upper and lower dentition, and the pressure of brushing teeth will all affect the plaque removal rate. If you increase the pressure and prolong the brushing time in a timely manner, the plaque removal rate can be improved, but the silicone toothbrush will not cause tooth surface wear and gingival irritation. Therefore, brushing should be timely and comfortable.

What are the advantages of silicone toothbrushes? To sum up, the silicone bristles have the advantages of being soft, antibacterial, convenient, and disinfecting, and have strong decontamination capabilities, so it is necessary to choose a suitable silicone toothbrush for your baby.

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