Are Silicone Kitchen Utensils Really Gradually Replacing Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils?

Silicone Kitchen Utensils Are Resistant To High Temperature, Easy To Clean, Soft, Environmentally Friendly And Rich In Style And Color Which Very Popular In The Market.But We Should Pay Attention When We Choose Silicone Kitchenware Products:

  1. FDAAnd LFGB Certificates Are Required.
  2. To Correctly Distinguish The Purpose Of Each Kitchen Utensils
  3. No Odor And Will Not Fade When Wiped

In Addition, For All Silicone Products, No Matter What Color The Silicone Product Burns, It Emits White Smoke, And The Ash Is White Powder. If Black Smoke Occurs, The Ashes Are Black / Pink Powder Not 100% Food Grade Silicone.

Silicone Utensils