“Silicone Menstrual Cup”-Care For Women’s Health

                                                                         First Look At The Global Market For Feminine Hygiene Products:

The Global Feminine Hygiene Market Is Estimated At $23 Billion And Is Projected To Grow At a Compound Annual Rate Of 5% Through 2021. The Global Silicone Menstrual Cup Market, While Still Small At 1.5% Of Total Female Hygiene, Is Growing Faster Than Similar Products Such As Tampons And Pads. Europe, The Middle East And Africa Will Have The Fastest Compound Annual Growth Rate Over The Next Five Years And Continue To Be The Second Largest Market For Silicone Menstrual Cups. The Largest Menstrual Cup Market Is North America With 54.4 %.

Today We Talk About Silicone Menstrual Cups:




Save Money

You Only Need To Buy One Or Two Menstrual Cups And They Can Last 5-10 Years With Proper Care. It’s Much Cheaper Than Buying New Pads And Tampons Every Month.



Convenience And Health

Silicone Menstrual Cups Just Need To Be Taken Out Every 12 Hours To Drain The Blood And Put Back In.Because Blood Doesn’t Come Into Contact With Air, It Doesn’t Cause Menstrual Odor.The Only Woman Who Has Been Poisoned With a Menstrual Cup Has Been Poisoned By Leaving It In Her Body For More Than Seven Days. So, If You Just Use It For Your Period And Take It Out Every 12 Hours, It’s Not Dangerous.


Environmental Protection

Only In The Usa, More Than 12 Billion Pads And 7 Billion Tampons Are Thrown Away Every Year, And That’s Not Including Plastic Packaging. And Notice That This Figure Is Only For One Year. So Whether It’s To Save Money Or To Protect The Environment, Silicone Menstrual Cups Are a Great Choice.

 About Care And Use Methods

  1. Sterilize:After Purchasing Your New Menstrual Cup, Boil It In Boiling Water For 5 To 7 Minutes.Then Put Them In The Complimentary Storage Bag


  1.         Wash: Always Use “Cold Water” After Use!
  1. Use:Try To Relax Thigh And Vaginal Muscles When Placing.Fold The Menstrual Cup (Like Picture) And Gently Put It Into The Body.


  1.   Remove:Push Your Muscles As You Would If You Were Trying To Poop, And The Cup Will Slide Down Until You Can Easily Hold The Bottom Of The Cup. Then Pinch The Bottom And Pull It Out As Fast As You Can. Finally, Sit On The Toilet And Make Sure The Blood Doesn’t Spill Out. After That, Rinse With Cold Water.


The Bottom Line: Every Woman Has The Right To Choose The Right Product For Her Period, Whether Or Not She Can Use It Over And Over Again, After All, This Is a Very Personal Matter. Supluck Just Wants To Offer a Greener Option Here.

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