Manual Silicone Breast And Breast Breast Pump:

Manual Breast Pump:


Advantage:1.Cheaper 2.No Need To Charge, Light And Easy To Use.3.Noiseless4.The Intensity Can Be Adjusted At Will

Disadvantage:1.Manual Operation Takes a Lot Of Effort2.Slow Pumping3.Long-Term Use Is Easy To Cause Tenosynovitis


Electric Breast Pump:

Advantage:1.Automatic Operation,Hands Free2.The Suction Is Even And Doesn’t Harm The Breast3.The Suction Is Faster

Disadvantage:1.High Price2.Power Is Required. Power Outage Is Unavailable3.More Heavier Than a Manual Breast Pump4.Some Breast Pumps Will Make Noisy


Whether Manual Or Electric Breast Pump, We Should Choose BPA-Free Breast Pump. The Material Of Breast Pump Is Generally Silicone Or PP. To Choose The Right Silicone Supplier, It Is Better To Match a Silicone Breast Collector

Silicone Breast Pumps